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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Body Butter 100 gr

With the content of vitamin E and almond oil, make body butter richer moisturizer than ordinary lotions. Dabs after the bath to the hands, feet and body others were deemed appropriate. Available in Gardenia, grape fruit, lime blossom, papaya smile

Price is very negotiable 

Hand Cream

Cream is formulated with extract coconut is great for moisturizing hands you. With the scent of vanilla, exotic to a friend your day. Available in vanilla flavor.

Price is very negotiable 

Monday, September 6, 2010

Aromatic Incense Stick

Spend time relaxing, light the Incense Stick and enjoy aromatherapy scattered in the soothing scent of sandalwood. Aroma therapy would be more effective in an enclosed space.
Price is negotiable 

Herbal Hot Stone

Packed from the collection of natural stone heat absorber good. Balinese flower with a fragrance, calming effect and is very good for relaxation of body and mind.
Price is very negotiable

Sunday, August 29, 2010

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Lulur Sekar Jagat 100 gr

Available in: Bengkoang, Milk, Coffee,
Strawberry, Chocolate, Pepaya,
Lidah Buaya, Seaweed, Avocado,
Green Tea, Honey Coconut,
Cendana, Wortel, Boreh Rempah

Lulur Bali Alus 120 gr

Available in: Bengkuang, Milk, Coffee,
Strawberry, Chocolate, Lavender,
Lidah Buaya, Seaweed, Avocado,
Green Tea, Cendana Madu,
Cempaka, Jasmine, Boreh, Lemon,

Bath Salt Kemasan 1 Kg (tanpa floating candle) 1000 gr

Enjoy relaxing in the bath. Enter into the
salt in the tub. Fruity aroma and freshness
of the derived from pure essential oil of
jasmine / lavender / Orange relaxation
effects. Use water suamsuam nails. For
foot therapy, soak into the basin That has
been given a warm water and salt.

Aromatic Bath Salt 50 Gr + Floating Candle 100 gr

Jasmine, Orange, Lavender

Loofah Vegetable Sponge 10 gr

Made from fruit plants (loofah),
dried Which Reasons for hygiene.
Because naturally it is very safe
for skin. Rub sponge on the skin to
revitalize and Climb destroy and dead
skin, beautify and maintain body skin
health. Can be hung and Used for a long time.

Pumice Stone (Batu Apung Mandi) 10 gr

Serves to foot scrubbing. Erode the dead skin, so that the soles of the feet is more subtle. Packaging: Triangle and Star

Natural Spa Soap 40 gr

Enjoy the soft foam made from natural spa soap organic options. Without coloring, parfumes, 100% natural materials. A very delicious way to Prevent disease, lose weight, and Increase Energy. Available in: Coco Moko, Outrageous Orange, Exfoliator, Organic Volcanic, Luminous Lemon, Groundation, Savage Wild

Lavender Body Mist 35 gr

Natural Spray to refresh (refreshing),
moisten with lucious Scent of lavender.
Spray it on as hot as the body
requires freshness, can be used for
faces. Made from: Purified water, aloevera
extract, Vit. E, pure essential oils of Lavender, etc.

Package Sample 200 gr

Consists of: a set of hair care package (shampoo,
conditioner, creambath, a hair tonic), a set of Body
Treatment (shower gel, natural soap, body mist, Veg
sponge, body lotion), a Fruit Bath Salt Package 1
Herb Hundred fruit, a fruit Potpurri, an Herbal Fruit
Bath, 1 Fruit Eye Pillow, 1 Fruit Body Butter Vanilla
Mango, 6 Fruit Soap, Natural Spa, Mask Package
(Body Scrub, Body Mask, Face Mask, Breast Mask), a
Bath Pumice Stone fruit, a fruit Aromatic Bath Salt

Happy Feet Package 200 gr

Consists of: a fruit Vegetable Sponge, a Fruit Bath
Salt, 1 Bath Pumice Stone Fruit, a fruit Happy Feet
Cream, 1 Foot Spray Fruit